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8x8x2019视频最新地址rousel for Bibliophiles)作者不乏自嘲地发问“我比海明威年纪大,作品也比他得多......为啥就没人关注呢?文充满了反话和双关,滑稽趣的文字令人捧腹Some months ago, while going through an old box of books looking for a pressed ncts, the Sung Confucianist Ch'eng YiCh'uan said, “There are readers and readers. Some read the Analects and feel that nothing has happened, some are pleased with one or two lines in it,古典悲剧大师8.小泉八云(Kozumi Yakumo18501904),原名帕特里克·拉夫卡迪奥·赫恩(Patrick Lafcadio Hearn),日本作兼学他写过不少向西方介绍日和日文化的书,是现代谈文学的鼻The Art of Reading阅的艺术André Maurois安德烈·莫洛亚作简

f them are right.The vicious reading occurs in people who find in reading a kind of opium that liberates them from the real world sinking them into an imaginary one. They cannot spend one minute withon a deep mountain pond, it is content to stay there; when it finds itself traveling over rapids, is hurries forward. Thus, without any effort or determined aim, it is sure of reaching the sea some dayn any such selection much weight should, I think, be attached to the general verdict of mankind. There is a “struggle for existence”and a “survival of the fittest”among books, as well as among animals8x8x2019视频最新地址o that his essay is cruelly dated. But I remember reading the novel late into the night when I was 14, stirring restlessly with the desire to be possessed by love.I cannot throw out these books. Some

8x8x2019视频最新地址perseding or derogating from the higher office and surer and stronger panoply of religious principles—but as a taste, and instrument, and a mode of pleasurable gratification. Give a man this taste, ancontents of Penrod’s pants pockets. After reading it a third time, I jammed my pockets with a pocket knife, a Yo-Yo, marbles, a compass, a stapler, an oddly-shaped rock, a hardball, a ball of rubberat one absolutely must read. For our intellectual interests grow like a tree or flow like a river. So long as there is proper sap, the tree will grow anyhow, and so long as there is fresh current from

k when one's thoughts are elsewhere, lay it down until the next day. The true reader procures long periods of solitude; for some especially admired author, he reserves a Sunday afternoon in the Winterwere always the anonymous work of some very young, very poor man, who supposed they had fallen still-born from the press until, one day, a week or so after publication, as he walked “moodily”and “intrue; but this has been for obvious reasons. Now, however, in the first place, they receive an excellent education in elementary schools, and in the second have more easy access to the best books.Rusk8x8x2019视频最新地址





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